The Birthday. Short film.
Director: Daniela Lucato
It is nearly Ron’s birthday, a nineteen year old girl deeply in love with May, her best friend. A short time after, Ron leaves Taipei, and May decides to join her in Berlin. The love between them is strong but contrasting: Ron doesn’t openly tell May her feelings, but May is conscious of what she means to her friend. Despite this she continues to enjoy life, taking all she can from Ron, until she takes too much. Her choices cause both girls to face who they are and how they can live life to the fullest.

2015 Premiere TGLFF (Italy) Official Selection
2015 Festival Cannes Corner
2015 ShanghaiPRIDE Nominated for the best sound & music
2015 FRAMELINE (San Francisco) Official Selection
> Foley
> Sound design
> Mix

Sound engineer: Jacopo Vannini