Bonsai Konzert.
Bonsai Konzert is a new music format produced in Berlin and performed by spectacular, up and coming artists.

Highlighting the musicians and performed in front of industry audiences in off beat, intimate locations, perfectly arranged showcases come to life, enfolding from the artist's own essence.

With guests from the music and entertainment industries, Bonsai Konzert are the next step forward in professional music careers. This is where publishing quality live productions and content formats for media distribution and use are created.

Bonsai Konzert also remain a platform for experimentation and are constantly evolving. With new perspectives, imagery and constantly changing styles, they showcase musicians and their music in a unique way.

We are always on the look out for new concepts, and look forward to hearing your ideas for future cooperations.

We offer:
> Professional recording session (Audio & Video HD)
> Mix & mastering
> Photo shoot (on stage, backstage + official Bonsai Konzert photo's)
> Multi language interviews & reviews (English, French, Spanish, Chinese, German, Italian)

All our bands receive:
> Master video (to share on-line, to sell or promotion)
> Master audio (to share on-line, to sell or for promotion)
> Photo High quality (to print, press, poster…)
> Photo Low quality (Social Media)
> Promotion on all Kolloagency web's channels
> Link of the reviews

The Wheelers.
Dorian Gray.
Edwina & Deko.